5 Home Decoration Trends to Make Your House Homier

Moved to a new house? Don’t worry it will take some time to adjust. If you want your home to be stylish and comfortable in a minimum budget it is possible with a few tricks. Well, today’s post is all about trending decoration ideas that will add oomph to your space with coziness that you were looking. A brilliant transition that you and your guests will love as the home will be an oasis of relaxation, trust me. So, what are you waiting for let’s begin:

  1. An overstuffed chair: Pheww! Returned home from work and had a hectic day, sink into the soft and overstuffed chair, so relaxing, yeah! A cold night with your favorite novel in one hand and coffee in another on a comfy chair, what all you want. These are an intimidating piece that depicts modern art. If you are looking for something contemporary with comfort, go for it.
  2. Friendly House Plants: Gone were the days when we use to keep small indoor plants or shrubs. This time try houseplants into a mix only if you are not a black thumb. These floras are soothing and calming and add a hint of nature to your home keeping it fresh and vibrant. Tip: Do try a hand on an indoor garden with some big plants and a small corner for those little herbs (basil, oregano, rosemary, etc).
  3. Textures: We all know colors and texture plays an important role in our homes. The can be gentle or can be happening. Always surround yourself from tones that you feel comfortable with. Fluffy carpets, comfy chairs and smooth wooden furniture can be integrated to create a modern living room. If you have a large room then you need a thoughtful process to place everything in such a manner that it looks fabulous with reducing the scale and increased coziness.
  4. Furniture Diversity: As mentioned earlier about the oversized chair, furniture’s are the easiest way to fill a room but many times people goes wrong here. It’s obvious you don’t want your living room to look like a showroom where things are just placed to show but does not create togetherness. This doesn’t mean that you should stay away from mixing things, be creative and line up different styles. Diversity is the key to that will bind you and your guests to the room. It should be appealing and harmonious. If you are comfortable with it your friends will definitely enjoy so get going.
  5. Multiple Lighting Source: Lighting can create a mood or turn it off. Often homeowners neglect the magic of lights on a room. It may seem strange to you but it is true that if lights are placed in the right manner room looks bigger, taller and cozier. Bonus: Like if you have a small room place a big window in the direction of sunlight close to the ceiling this gives the effect of a bigger room. Similarly, if you want to reduce the scale of a room considers placing several lamps around the corner of the house for a warm atmosphere. Use ceilings light only to get together.


Remember, a small creative and right alteration to your room can make it cozier and warmer. Hope you will try a hand on these ideas. Well, there are many ideas that I will be sharing in my next post. If you have some stunning ideas do share with us in the comment section below.